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December 10 2017

I failed to post that we didn't get our car back in time, so didn't get out at all.  I apologize for this.  On the plus side, am going through the comics, and finally getting them in order.  Plus with the New phone, Will be listing far more on eBay.

December 8 2017

Hello everyone.  It's not looking good for this weekend.  On the other hand, I'm taking the time and effort to inventory, and sort out the comics, long overdue.  Especially when someone wants a quote for the entire collection!  Whether he accepts my price or not, won't be an issue, as if he does, will be hunting for more to bring out!  Should he not,  I'll have a better idea of what I have, and values!   Looking forward to the day I will be doing this full time, which is only a month away!

December 6 2017

We did well last Sunday, but failed to reach our goal.  Will be checking out the weather forecast for a possible repeat, though not with a van, nor 2 spaces.   Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like me to bring.

December 3 2017

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