April 9 2017

August 12 2017

Well it's Azalea Saturday, but been following the weather closely, and instead of an early morning start, going to do slightly later due to early rain. Also with chances of showers today, going to concentrate on the stuff least likely to be harmed...  

August 11 2017

The weekend is coming!

August 9 2017

A beautiful Morgan here, way undervalued!

August 9 2017

1/4 lb of silver plated in 24k gold!

August 8 2017

I have to make up for last weekend, so am wanting to know if there is any special requests.

August 5 2017
August 5 2017

Out at Azalea now setting up.  Closer to the back, but still fairly close to the building.

August 4 2017

Looking forward to tomorrow.  Just got in a bunch of silver coins, including 7 graded!  With the batch of comics that I've never brought out, some great toys, and tons of games, I'm hoping to see a number of you there.

August 3 2017

More junk silver on the way along with a few graded coins, and remember, only Saturday this weekend.  But I am trying to make it a big one!  I have a bunch of comics I'd been sorting, but never finished. These will be coming out!  We've been told of...  

July 31 2017

To let everyone know, this next weekend will only be at Azalea on Saturday. Taking this Sunday off for a family day. Because of this, will be doing a big one this Saturday!