May 15 2017

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I just got in two fantastic coins!  PCGS MS-62 1927 S Peace dollar, and a guilded, painted Canada 1 oz  $5 Superman!  Superman is going for  $88 on the bay, while the 1927 s is valued at  $400! I would be interested in getting offers, but they are also going on eBay, so if interested, hurry.... lol

November 19 2017

November 19 2017

Very late start for us today.  We are headed out the door now.  Will be there in about an hour.  Despite the wind, we will be there, probably not our usual location though.  Maybe on the overflow, depending on how many vendors are out today.  We...  

November 18 2017

A little later than we wanted, but heading out now for Azalea!   I expect with the added advertising, it's going to be interesting this weekend.  Any of you who see it here, let me know you did, and will be sure to give you an extra discount.

November 17 2017

Well hello everyone.  The weekend is upon us and I have no mandatory overtime at my other job, and it's looking to be a fantastic weekend!  So am planning on both days as usual, and will concentrate on the newest stuff, but will also be bringing...  

November 13 2017

I'm wondering how many here would be interested if I start regularly listing old vinyl lp's, and bringing them out to the flea markets?  If not, when I get them in, I have someone willing to pay about half value.  Up to you on how I do...  

November 12 2017

November 11 2017

We are here at Azalea now, and will be setting up shortly.  Apparently the cold has delayed many in setting up, or even showing up, but there are still a decent number of people here.  So if you are looking for good deals, or that unique gift for a...  

November 10 2017

We are just getting out to Azalea now.  Going to see if it's worth setting up for a few hours.  Definitely have most of our new stuff with us.

November 9 2017

Looks like it's going to be a chilly weekend, but my deals will be hot! With all the new stuff, and probably the last chance of a full weekend out, look for making deals!  We are going to be at Azalea both Friday and Saturday!  Then on Sunday, we'll...  

November 8 2017

Well hello everyone.  It looks like this will be the last full weekend for awhile as peek season at my other job begins shortly.  For this reason we are planning on bringing quite a bit this weekend, and maybe even be out Friday. I'll know more...