May 15 2017

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I just got in two fantastic coins!  PCGS MS-62 1927 S Peace dollar, and a guilded, painted Canada 1 oz  $5 Superman!  Superman is going for  $88 on the bay, while the 1927 s is valued at  $400! I would be interested in getting offers, but they are also going on eBay, so if interested, hurry.... lol

June 18 2017

June 17 2017

Okay, here's the deal this weekend.  We will be out, but with the chance of rain, going to be limited.  We will bring some comics, but they will stay in the car, so ask for them. The electronic games will be there, along with coins and...  

June 15 2017

Watching the weather closely for the weekend.

June 11 2017

Intentionally running behind today to get on the overflow side of Bellwood today.  We want to see if there's a significant difference.  Come on out to see us.  Plus it's time to celebrate the life of Adam West!  Anything Batman related will be...  

June 10 2017

June 4 2017

June 4 2017

Setting up now. Video to come.  Early Bird deals.

June 4 2017

Was a good one at Azalea today. Hope to see more of you tomorrow at Bellwood.

June 3 2017

For the serious coin collectors, there will be a couple old gold coins and a few really good Morgan's out with us this weekend!  We're also bringing the Red Book for reference only.

June 1 2017
Photos from Cadu

Photos from Cadu's Comics & Collectibles's post

I have enough US silver coins to make everyone happy this weekend!  Over  $150 face value came in today!  Walking Liberty's,  Franklin's, Mercury dimes, and more!  Come on out this weekend!