November 19 2017

December 2 2018

Despite the threat of rain, decided to come out to Bellwood anyway... Planning on doing some melting of metal today as well... come on out, look for that holiday gift, and enjoy watching me play with fire and molten metal!

November 25 2018

Well I'm sorry to say plans for Bellwood are cancelled. I'm in the hospital being seen for my left shoulder. I apologize and will miss being out there, but I can't lift anything today.

November 24 2018

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! As to our normal Sat excursions, I'm sure everyone already knows about the freezing rain, and like me, doesn't want to be out in it... But Sunday looks good, and so planning to be out there for it. Should...  

November 18 2018

November 18 2018

Out at Bellwood now, and it's turning into a beautiful day! Will try and post a video again...

November 17 2018

My video today never finished loading! Not sure why, but definately look for me at Bellwood tomorrow! It will eventually load, and still have most of what shows and a lot more! Come on out and say hi!

November 17 2018

November 16 2018

Been staying quiet lately despite wanting to do more here because I'm recovering from pnumonia here, and it's a slow process. Despite this, will still be out at the flea markets this weekend.

November 11 2018

We are out at Bellwood now waiting a little to set up. But to give you an idea of what was brought today, we have game systems, controllers, games, coins as usual, and pounds of silver jewelry, as well as other collectibles, coats, and brand new...  

November 10 2018

Out at Azalea now, getting ready to unload. With the holidays coming, put my entire budget into jewelrythis week, so come out and find that special piece...