November 19 2017

August 5 2018

August 4 2018

Late start, but we're setting up at Azalea now.

July 30 2018

Was nice at Bellwood yesterday, and now found a knack at finding quantities of coins for collectors at great deals.  Silver, gold, it doesn't matter, I can get you a better price than most can find on their own!  If you want investment silver or...  

July 28 2018

July 27 2018

Here's hoping the weatherman is correct and the rain goes away for daytime tomorrow, especially with all the new stuff I got!  Go a bunch of new comics, many autographed, an Green Lantern/Green Arrow 86 (the drug issue)!  Also new silver jewelry and...  

July 22 2018

Looks like Bellwood is a washout, so heading to Winchester again. Stay dry everyone.

July 21 2018

Change 3... lol.  Looks bad at Azalea, so making a run to Winchester.

July 21 2018

Sometime last night the weather changed.  A couple hours of rain midday, so will be at Azalea shortly.

July 20 2018

Hello everyone.  To let everyone know, with the rain coming tomorrow, we won't be at Azalea tomorrow.  Instead we are heading to Raleigh NC for Saturday.  Sunday doesn't look bad for Bellwood though.  Recently purchased a few coins, and otw to add...  

July 15 2018

Will do a video in a bit, but in our usual spot at Bellwood setting up sans canopy.