August 5 2018

November 3 2018

We are at Azalea now. Will wait only a few to ensure the rain has stopped before setting up!

November 3 2018

What a lousy way to start the day! Rain was supposed to stop, so we were planning to be at Azalea now... Now it's a wait and see day... still planning to be there, but waiting....

October 30 2018

Was planning to head to the Warsaw flea market today, but I'm headiing to the Dr instead. I hope to go out next week to see you out there.

October 28 2018

October 28 2018

Well, here we are, on the only good flea market day. Bringing a lot of different stuff, so come check it out! Van is loaded and we are on the way.  Renember we take cash app, paypal, and credit cards!

October 26 2018

I know I've only been posting once per week lately, and I apologize to my regulars for this. If it weren't for you, I'd probably not be in business!  That being said, have been going through the storage unit and am pulling out the stops this...  

October 19 2018

Hello everyone. We will be doing our weekend flea market this weekend at what used to be known as Double Tollgate, now known as Shen Valley.  Next weekend should be our usual, but we shall see.

October 14 2018

October 13 2018

Yes, am out at Azalia today, but haven't set up yet... tables got wwt with the early rain... and it's chilly... lol. Starting to set up now.

October 6 2018