August 5 2018

February 8 2019

I know I haven't posted much lately, but until today, haven't gotten much new. Today we got a large collection of Nascar stuff, a few track rc cars and track, an old Singer, and an autographed photo from Mythbusters signed by Adam and Jamie from...  

February 3 2019

We are out at Bellwood now. Come on out and say hi...

February 1 2019

It may have snowed today, but tomorrow is supposed to be good, so expect us ouy at Azalea tomorrow....

January 26 2019

Running late, but otw to Azalea

January 19 2019

Looks like this is a bad weekend for flea markets!

January 15 2019

My snow day auction on Dirty 30 auctions was postponed to 6PM eastern today! Furiously working on setting up!

January 11 2019

With an apparent snow day Sun, I'll be hosting another auction on the FB page - Dirty 30 Auctions. If not already a member, and wish to join in the fun, request to join soon, as admins there need time to approve requests! Tomorrow I still plan on...  

January 6 2019

I apologize to those watching for my weekend posts for not posting today. Apparently there was something in the air today, and was kept busy from when I started setting up, till around noon! It was a great day for making deals and many items and...  

January 5 2019

Had fun at the auction last night. Now heading to Azalea. You ready? Lol

January 4 2019

Will be running an auction live on the fb page 'Dirty 30 auctions' from 5 PM tonight! All the new stuff, and plenty of old stock will be available tonight! If not a member of that page, let me know, and I'll get you added! Let's have some fun!